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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

It was hard watching June deteriorate emotionally and mentally in the shelter. She barked so much she would make herself hoarse and throw up phlegm. She came in a bloody scratched up mess and here she was healed from that but losing her mind.

She was losing her mind and needed out fast. A time frame was put on her life. She had a couple weeks to find a home or she was going to be euthanized. She was actually being posted sort of on a regular basis but with no serious interest but here we were crunch time. She needed out!!!!!! So, I posted a Code Red 911 this is it post. It generated over a 1k shares and comment after comment. She also needed to be the only child which always makes a bit harder when trying to find a home for an animal. Not impossible but it may just take a bit longer. So, I put her post out into the cyber world and let the power of Facebook do it's thing! So sure enough within that week she found the absolute perfect fit.

He's a gentleman who is used to dogs with high anxiety and would do whatever it takes to give her the best life possible.

She is thriving to this day and the past is behind her.

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