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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I fell in love with Mags while volunteering at Giant Paw Prints. She was living her life in a car until she was rescued by GPPR. I didn't see much interest shown by the public for adopting her but what I did see was a big strong puppy baby who needed someone fast. She was becoming increasingly stressed out. She needed consistent structure and training and the threshold for all of this to be able to shape her as an adult was passing by. I along with other volunteers would take her out and about as often as we could but when is that ever enough?

A friend of mine who is a board member for the rescue decided to pay for her to stay at the boarding facility I work at here and there to break up the monotony of Mag's days but also to help train her a little and work off her some of that crazy puppy energy! It worked out that every time she boarded I would work. I made some videos of her playing and doing agility and kept posting them.

One of my very best friends would text me about her here and there and after talking it over with her family they decided to take the plunge and start moving forward with meeting her and then meet and greets with their resident dog. After a couple of meet and greets they realized Mags belonged no where else but in their home. She and her dog sister are inseparable and she shows signs of love and affection by sitting on her tiny human brother.

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