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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Nala was slowly losing her mind in the shelter I worked at. It was just too much for her. She needed to be the only child as well so that right there always makes it harder when trying to find an a single placement home. In no way shape or form does it make it impossible BUT it might make it a bit longer before the animal finds their home.

Nala would be so stressed out everyday that she would bloody herself in her kennel, foam constantly out of her mouth, bark constantly, etc. It was sad to see. I would always try to provide as much stimulation for her as I could when I worked. Other employees would take her on outings around town.

She's a very smart dog and benefited from it greatly even if it was for 20 minutes while she was licking whatever was in her Kong or frozen broth bowl out. We would more times than not keep her medicated, sedated for a lack of a better word. After so long on the meds I noticed that it was almost making her worse. She was coming to the end of the rope. It was just too much on her and facing possible euthanasia. Well, that obviously didn't set well with me. Up until this point she just wasn't being posted enough and it wasn't effective. Even posts I was in charge of weren't doing the trick. No serious inquires. Sometimes it takes a Code red 911 Come on people there has to be someone out there. Obviously I don't like to lean on that a lot and reserve that for special cases but this was one. So, with the help of my boyfriend yet again we made a video highlighting her out and about in public, training, in the car, etc. It wasn't too long after it was posted that she found her happily ever after. I remember days after they sent in pictures of her sprawled out on the couch sleeping peacefully something she hadn't been able to do in SO SO long. She had several days of long deep hard decompressing sleep which she deserved. To this day she is living her best life.

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