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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

At one point JJ was the longest resident dog at the shelter I worked. He had been there 2 years in and out a home with no real interest. Him being a black dog and a Pittie definitely was going against him. BUT what we were not effectively conveying to the public was that here was a Pitbull good with cats!! How often do you find that?

So, I decided to ramp up the posting. We had super cute pics to post and I just kept posting and playing on the heart strings of the public.

It took a couple weeks but as soon as we started really getting after the outreach for JJ. It happened!!!!! A LOVELY couple adopted him and the rest is history!

I am friends with JJ's Mom on Facebook and I tell you the pictures she posts with JJ cuddling with the cats and just living his best life melts my heart into a puddle all over the floor. If I hadn't decided to really get after it for JJ he may still be sitting in the shelter to this day.

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